The KickStart Book Writing Formula Starts Oct 14th

Refine Your Idea and Start Writing Your Book in Six Weeks or Less

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We’re changing the world one book at a time.

Writing a book can be hard work and we find that motivation is a key part of reaching the finish line. If you know why you’re writing, you can save months, even years, of anguished effort.
Business coach learning how to book write on laptop

Instructor and Coach

Susan Crossman

BA (Hons.), MA. Senior Instructor and Coach

Is this a good time to start working on your book? With so many people stationed at home during these unfamiliar times I've been fielding an increasing number of calls about book writing. I work with coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and innovators to write a high-quality non-fiction book that will help them share their message, enhance their credibility, and generate greater revenue through public speaking and other business initiatives. As an author, book coach and editor, I bring adventure into my work and in recent years I've been wine tasting in Porto, I've studied the labyrinth at the gracious Cathedral of Chartres, and I've gone ziplining in Costa Rica. I've luged down a mountain in New Zealand, and gone trekking in the hills north of Khatmandu. I've hiked among the ruins of Macchu Pichu, and picnicked in the south of France. I have become, just like you, a library of stories that have shaped my environment, my dreams and my hopes for our planet. Member of Editors Canada, The Writers Union of Canada, and the US-based Editorial Freelancers Association.


“I am so grateful to have participated in Susan's "Kickstart Book Writing Formula Program"! I have had the desire to write a book for a long time, and when I met Susan, I knew she would be the perfect mentor to help me make this happen! My expectations of this course were exceeded!! Susan is an enthusiastic, supportive, and encouraging mentor with an unending wealth of experience and knowledge who confidently holds all her clients as fully capable of writing any book they want to write! Her positivity and high-vibe energy are infectious! The whole program was enjoyable but my favourite was Susan's stories of inspiration that she often shared with us. Her stories made everything real and relatable for me which encouraged me to see that writing my book is actually possible! As a result of taking this course, I know my WHY, I have a strong understanding of how to move forward with my writing, and I have actually started writing it! I look forward to future coaching sessions with Susan and can not wait for her to edit my final manuscript!! Thank you, Susan for your wisdom and inspiration! I would never have started writing my book if it wasn't for your amazing Kickstart Program!”

Laura Marchione-Giurdanella

“In essence, Susan took us on a 6-week guided book writing tour, from blank page to published. She guided us through the relevance and significance of each step. Susan was extremely generous with helpful tools and resources. We benefitted from her own book writing experience, insight gained and lessons learned. Susan also pointed us to other credible sources to help us. Bottom line, she made it about us, serving our needs. Most obvious throughout was Susan’s genuine love for what she does, her knowledge and expertise. It made all the difference. Definitely a worthwhile experience”

Monique Pinsonneault